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Advocacy: Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard

Your membership dues provide the resources needed for NYSSDDS to employ an executive director, administrative and government relations team to handle the day-to-day operations of the Society, develop a strategic plan for growth, and provide an array of benefits and supports for members. NYSSDDS strives to be a one-stop resource for its members in the ever and constantly changing health care delivery and ecosystem. Advocacy is one of the most important benefits NYSSDDS provides premised on the philosophy that decisions about legislative or regulatory changes impacting the practice of dermatology and dermatologic care are not made without us at the table.  NYSSDDS is your voice in Albany!

Whether it’s assembling a grassroots campaign, organizing a lobby day, or coordinating visits with your local legislators, or tour of your practice, NYSSDDS endeavors to build relationships with officials at the state agencies, executive branch and members of the New York State Legislature. Your membership is an important component in helping NYSSDDS and your profession cultivate these relationships.

As we turn the calendar from 2021 to 2022 advocacy and into the 2022 New York State Legislative Session, there are major legislative and regulatory proposals that could impact the practice of dermatology that necessitates NYSSDDS mobilize. From proposals to expand scopes of practice of non-physicians to regulation of laser hair removal to efforts to expand and sustain the healthcare workforce and maintain the growth in telehealth, NYSSDDS needs you to join and enlist your colleagues in becoming a member.

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